Discover our exclusive limited edition Elli Jewelry Box with four pieces of jewellery.

Elli limited Edition Box
Elli limited Edition Box

To celebrate our new look, we have come up with something very special for you: our exclusive limited edition Elli Jewelry Box in the colors silver & gold.

It is filled with 4 lovingly put together, sustainable pieces of jewelery that will accompany you for a long time and put a smile on your face every day.

Get these exclusive boxes with four unique pieces of jewelery worth €215/€245 for just €89/€99 now!

In traditional, handcrafted production on the beautiful island of Bali, our silversmiths create unique pieces, which are created with great attention to detail. Our high-quality pieces of jewelery made from real materials should give pleasure for a long time and convey a feeling of pure joie de vivre.

Our own manufactory enables 100% transparency in production and gives us the opportunity to show you the origin of your jewelry. JULIE & GRACE is a member of Amfori, an organization that works to improve social and environmental standards in companies.

Elli Box Verpackung


Our new packaging also has a new look. In addition, our jewelery boxes are FSC-certified and made exclusively from recycled paper. This means that our packaging can be disposed of easily and in an environmentally friendly manner. Our shipping packaging is also FSC certified and therefore particularly environmentally friendly.


Elli Box