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Selamat Datang on the Island of the Gods

Tropical weather - warm people - enchanting nature - unique culture

The Bali vibe really captivates everyone. With our handcrafted pieces of jewellery, we would like to send you the Balinese way of life into your home and integrate it into your everyday life. Immerse yourself in our world and learn more about the origin of your favorite pieces!

Island of Gods

As soon as you arrive in Bali you can feel the magic and spirituality that surrounds the island. 90% of the inhabitants share the faith of Hinduism and believe that Bali is inhabited by a multitude of gods who protect the island. The Balinese Hindus believe in the doctrine of reincarnation. This states that both good and bad karma are accumulated in life, which affects the nature of rebirth.

Bali style

Bali is one of the few cultures with origins in one of the great ancient cultures which is still alive. ”—Arthur Erickson

It is not for nothing that Bali is often called the island of artists. The island is not only known for its music, dance or painting, but also for its jewelery culture. Originally, the art of silversmithing was reserved for the royal families, so the art quickly achieved a high standard of quality. The art of gold and silversmithing is handed down from generation to generation and is reserved almost exclusively for the so-called specialized Pandé Mas. The Pandé (Mas) are members of a highly respected group of gold and silversmiths who even have their own temples. The inspirational Balinese pieces of jewelery convey tradition, spirituality and individuality through the unmistakable craftsmanship.

Who made my jewelry?

We want to bring visions to life and put a smile on your face every day with our accessible and affordable fine jewelry. This is made possible, among other things, by our own manufactory in Bali, where we manufacture our unique items using traditional craftsmanship. Under fair conditions and in compliance with the highest standards, we create your personal pieces of jewelery in friendly cooperation with our multicultural teams.

Canggu Lifestyle

Canggu is Bali's up-and-coming hotspot in the west of the island, which combines old traditional and new hip Bali in a unique way. The proximity to the sea, the culinary diversity, the spiritual yoga center and the countless fashion and accessories markets make the place an absolute must-see. We let the spirit of this surfer place and the island flow into the production of your jewelry in order to bring the Bali lifestyle straight to your home.

Sustainable jewelry

For us, the appreciation of our fellow human beings and the environment is of the highest priority. That's why we produce for you on demand. This means we produce on demand to avoid mass production. In addition, our team tries to work and recycle as ecologically as possible. Especially in Southeast Asia, pollution is a big problem. We are all the more pleased that Bali has officially banned single-use plastic since 2019 to curb marine pollution and protect nature. Let's make the world a bit greener !

We love the origin of our jewelry and hope you were able to get an insight into our world.
Terima kasih Bali for all the art, values ​​and diversity you give us.