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The perfect jewelry storage:

This is how you stow your treasures properly when travelling!

Even on vacation you don't want to do without your favorite pieces of jewellery. However, this raises the question of how well jewelry can be transported. If you would like to find out how chains, bracelets and the like can be stowed away correctly and what you should pay attention to when organizing your jewelry, let our article inspire you.

What do I have to consider when storing jewelry?

In general, it is important to know that your jewelry should always be stored carefully. To prevent your jewelry from tarnishing, it is advisable to find a light and airtight place to store it. You also have to make sure that your real jewelery does not come into contact with cosmetics or moisture - this way you avoid discoloration. So that you can really enjoy your jewelry for a long time, we have put together some other helpful tips for you.

Knotless chains

Everyone knows it: Your favorite chains are carefully stowed away and yet after a while you end up with an absolute chaos of knots. In order to avoid this chain spaghetti in the future, you should close each of your chains after you have put them down and store them individually in storage. As a little trick, it is also a good idea to pull your chain through a straw beforehand. This way, your jewelry is guaranteed to reach its destination knot-free!

Better together

To save yourself the annoying search for the second matching earring, you can best store them as a pair. But here, too, you should make sure that the pieces of jewelry do not rub against each other and possibly scratch each other.

keep it clean

Especially when you are on holiday, your real jewelery can quickly come into contact with sand or salt water. In order for your jewelery to stay beautiful for a long time, it is all the more important to clean your jewelery regularly, even when you are travelling. You can also find helpful tips on proper care in our jewelry care guide .

Can gold and silver jewelry be stored together?

If you don't want to do without the bi-color trend when you're on vacation, you should know that it's best to store the different materials separately. Of course, the jewelry can be transported in the same jewelry box - just make sure they don't touch. So you not only avoid scratches, but also annoying color changes!

Your stylish companion on the go

After the tips you ask yourself what to do with your jewellery?

Well, there are many ways to transport your favorite pieces of jewelry on the go: Whether it's self-made storage, small jewelry boxes or our beautiful pouches from Elli. With our cool travel bag, you no longer have to simply store your jewelery loose in your hand luggage. The Travel Bag is the perfect companion, so that nothing can happen to your jewelery when travelling! The case is practical, fits in any suitcase or handbag and still looks really stylish. Inside there are two ring holders with snap fasteners, which offer enough space to store your rings, ear studs and hoop earrings. You can also attach your necklaces and bracelets to the straps without knots. To stow away your small charms or filigree ear cuffs, the travel bag has an integrated compartment with a zip. In this case your jewelry is not only safe, but each piece of jewelry finds its own place - without knots and scratches!

We hope the tips have helped you and you are now prepared for your next holiday. Do you still need inspiration to fill your jewelry box with new jewelry? Then take a look around in our online shop!